Explore Encon's Energy efficient Cooling Tower designed for sustainability and growth

ENCON Energy Efficient FRP Cooling Tower

Encon is the go-to brand when it comes to energy efficient, sturdy Cooling Towers with low operating cost, across clients of all scale & size and across various industries.

We believe that a quality product can only be called so once it has undergone the strictest tests of quality methodologies and standards.

Over time, we developed our own research lab & facilities dedicated to giving you only the very best of all possibilities.

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Cooling Tower


Counterflow CT


Counterflow CT


Counterflow CT


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Counter flow CT

Design parameters affecting Efficiency

  • Fan.
  • Fills.
  • Water Distribution .
  • Fan Stack.
  • Air Inlet (Rain Zone).
  • Motor & Gear Box.


  1. High Thermal Efficiency
    • World Class Software for CT designing.
    • Efficient designing of hot water distribution system.
    • Top quality of Cooling Tower internals (Fills & Drift Eliminators).
  2. High Mechanical Efficiency
    • High Efficiency Fans.
    • Carbon Fiber drive Shafts.
    • High Service Factor Gearbox.
  3. High Electrical Efficiency
    • Highly Efficiency motor.
    • Best in class Fan Recovery Stack.
  4. Low Maintenance
  5. High Product Life Cycle.
  6. Low noise.
  7. Low installation time.
  8. Rich experience & proven technology.
  9. Well recognized brand name.

Comparison between Materials of Construction

Cooling towers can be made from a large variety of materials of construction. A small comparison between Concrete, FRP and Timber highlights the difference between them and their relative advantages and disadvantages.

High for corrosive environment
# Criteria Timber FRP RCC
1 Quality Available Timber of low grade. Consistent and High quality. Depends on specifications.
2 Installation & Operating Cost . Low installation cost & high operation cost. Slightly high installation cost but low operation cost. High cost for small tower
3 Operation & Maintenance. High . Low. High for corrosive environment.
4 Length of Members Small Tailor make (as per requirement). As per design.
5 Bio Decay Decays due to Fungus, Algae & Bacteria. No such decay . Algae formation.
6 Repair & Replacement Very frequent. Very less. Very less.
7 Life 5 Years 15-20 Years 20 Years
8 Environmental Impact Wood logging & treatment of wood plays havoc with environment. No such direct impact. No such direct impact.