Explore Encon's Energy efficient FAN designed for sustainability and growth.

ENCON Energy Efficient FRP Fan

Encon is the go-to brand when it comes to fixing the problems of operating and managing Axial Flow Fans across clients of all scale & size and across various industries.

We believe that a quality product can only be called so once it has undergone the strictest tests of quality methodologies and standards.

Over time, we developed our own research lab & facilities dedicated to giving you only the very best of all possibilities.

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Cooling Tower Fan


Air Cooled Condensor


Air Fin Cooler Fan


Textile Or AHU


Kiln Tyre Fan


Withering Trough


Mine Ventilation


Exhaust Fan


Radiator Fan


  • Improved Aerodynamic Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • Negligible Skin Friction
  • Higher Lift to Drag Ratio
  • Low Noise
  • High quality raw material (Fiberglass & Resin)
  • Sturdy
  • Proven Technology
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Durability at Less cost
  • High Temperature Resistant

Design Criteria for Encon Fan Selection

Optimising fan diameter and no. of blades for given duty conditions.
Lowest Power Consumption.
Erosion & Corrosion Resistance.
Lowest Maintenance Cost.
High Temperature Resistance.
-60°C to 230°C
Lowest Level of Noise without any extra Cost.
Lowest Down Time of Equipment.
Design OF Hub
Minimum Cycling Losses.
Allowable Tip speed for Reducing Noise and Vibration.
Various System Losses
  • Entry Losses
  • Tip Clearance Losses
  • Bearing Losses
  • Skin Friction Losses

Difference between Encon Fan & Others

# Parameter ENCON Fans Others
1 Design Improved Aerodynamic design Conventional NACA Profiles
2 Efficiency 81% - 91.4% Below 75%
3 Material High Grade E Glass Epoxy Aluminum / Steel / Polyester / Vinyl Ester
4 Weight Less Weight More Weight
5 Total Axial Thrust Load Low Axial thrust load on Gear Box High Axial thrust on Gear Box
6 Skin Friction Negligible skin friction due to smooth surface More Drag losses due to rough surface
7 Maintenance Low Maintenance due to high quality raw material and superior manufacturing techniques Frequent Maintenance required leading to Higher downtime
8 Product Life Minimum 10 years* Aging effect after 2 - 3 years
* Under ideal conditions

In-House Testing facilities / Quality Assurance

  • Encon Wind Tunnel Test Bench
  • Electronic Moment Balancing
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Hardness Testing
  • Cantilever Test Fixturing
  • Coin Tapping Testing
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Pendulum Impact Testing
  • Heat Distortion Testing
  • Muffle Furnace Testing
  • Anemometer Testing
  • Sound Level Meter Reading
  • Power Analyzer Testing